Struggling to explain your ADHD to others? Use this video!

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I wish I had designed the video I’m about to share with you myself. At the very least, I wish I had stumbled across it through my own research. At least then I’d be able to claim a tiny bit of credit. Instead, I have my professors at ADDCA to thank for bringing this awesome explanatory tool to my awareness, and I have Dan Duncan to thank for the fact that it exists.

Dan Duncan, ACC, is an ADHD coach and academic strategist currently living in British Columbia. He has created a FANTASTIC illustrated podcast about the relationship between interest, importance, and attention in ADHDers, as well as how these relationships differ from those typically seen in neurotypical (non-ADHD) persons. It’s not high-tech, but it doesn’t have to be.

The REASON this graphic is so wonderful is two-fold: First, Dan makes sure to emphasize the fact that attention is automatic and not something that ADHDers, or ANYONE, for that matter, can control. Second, the video takes something many ADHDers struggle to explain verbally and makes it visual. At 26 minutes, its a touch on the long, slow side, but it’s incredibly worth the view, especially for anyone struggling to explain himself to others who just don’t quite buy it. At least, not yet.


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