Alarming ADHD Statistics

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As a stand-alone condition, ADHD can be quite a challenge, especially given that it touches so many different areas of a person’s life. Trouble is, ADHD often DOESN’T stand alone – it often drags anywhere from 1 to 4 other conditions along with it, a tendency which, at the very least, serves to make treatment a little tricky.

Below, you’ll find a (hopefully) self-explanatory graphic of some of the typical problems that often go hand-in-hand with ADHD. The point of this article is to provide a sobering but realistic picture of just how big this problem of ADHD can be. Armed with this knowledge, we can begin to act to bring awareness to the world about facts such as these.

The percentages I’m using are drawn from the CHADD website and ADDCA library. When necessary, I used averages, but the overall message is anything but vague.

  • US children (ages 4-17) diagnosed with ADHD 11%
  • US adults diagnosed with ADHD 4.4%
  • US Prison population with ADHD 29%
  • Learning disorders in ADHD Population 45%
  • Learning disorders in General Population 5%
  • Conduct Disorder in ADHD Population 27%
  • Conduct Disorder in General Population 2%
  • Anxiety in ADHD Population 18%
  • Anxiety in General Population 2%
  • Depression in ADHD Population 15%
  • Depression in General Population 1%
  • Obesity in Adults with ADHD 29.4%
  • Obesity in Adults without ADHD 21.6%
  • Sleep Disorders in ADHD Population 60%
  • Mood Disorders in ADHD Population 38%
  • ADHD High School Dropouts 32.2%
  • General Population High School Dropouts 15%
  • 4-year degrees in ADHD Population 15%
  • 4-year degrees in General Population 48%
  • Likelihood of being fired from a job in ADHD Population 63%
  • Likelihood of being fired from a job in General Population 43%
  • ADHD Marriages ending in Divorce 60%
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