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Reasons NOT to Hire Me

I despise B.S. So let’s cut through it. Here are 5 great reasons NOT to hire me as your coach:

1. You’re looking for someone to diagnose you with ADHD.

Yes, I know a lot about ADHD, and yes, I could probably make a highly educated guess about whether or not you have it. But I am not a psychologist and therefore not qualified to make that call. I will, however, work with you regardless of diagnosis. I just can’t give you one if you want it.

2. You want a prescription for ADHD meds.

See #1 and note that I’m also not a psychiatrist. In fact, I have no medical training of any kind and do not guarantee any specific results from participating in my programs. What you get out of my coaching depends on your drive, your desire, and your willingness to engage, both within our sessions and without.

3. You want to hire a coach with scads of degrees and pages of testimonials.

I don’t have them. Compared to some of the coaching giants out there, I’m young and inexperienced. If this is a concern for you, please take your time. Feel me out. Read my blog. Read other blogs. When you are convinced that I know my stuff and that I’m the coach you want to work with, contact me.

4. You want a calming, soothing coaching experience.

For the most part, my coaching is anything BUT. Don’t get me wrong. I can calm. I can soothe. A lifetime of ADHD can generate a lot of pain, and if you need a shoulder to cry on, I’m SO there. But the bulk of my coaching will be focused on grappling with tough questions, learning knew things, getting uncomfortable, getting EXCITED, and making lasting changes. We’ll be entering uncharted territory, and I’m pumped about it, so my default attitude will be one of an enthusiastic adventurer, rather than a comfy-couch therapist.

5. You only sort-of want to do this.

I actually sympathize with you. I’ve waded through waters of indecision before – wanting a change but not quite ready to commit to it. If you’re hesitating, listen to yourself. Maybe this isn’t the right time. Maybe you need to read a little more about what your life could be like out from under ADHD’s thumb. The point is, you need to be ready to WORK, and you need to want this for YOU. Otherwise, none of my coaching will matter.