Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on your goals,

follow through on your commitments,

and truly live in your faith?

 Guess what? You totally can. And it will change everything.


Your “New” starts NOW

Hiya! My name is Jessica Heimsoth. I’m a follower of Christ, a member of the ADHD tribe, and a bit of a grump before I’ve ingested some form of caffeine.  I’m also a wife, mother, minimalist, health nut, and salsa enthusiast.  Most importantly, I’m a life coach who works with people like you. Christian moms (and dads!) who are dealing with ADHD or problems with motivation, productivity, focus, and follow-through.  People who are afraid of losing their jobs, relationships, and faith. People who are starting to give up hope that they could ever feel happiness, change their behavior, or achieve their dreams.

If that’s you, I want to show you that you’re wrong. I want to tell you that – RIGHT NOW – you have everything you need to shift from the habits that keep you treading water to the behaviors and beliefs that can pave the way to freedom. I want to help you transform your life.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. I know, because I’ve been where you are, trapped in a downward spiral I couldn’t seem to force myself to escape. By the grace of God, I found my way out, and now I’m here to show you how to do the same.


Who I Help

If the following sounds like you… hit me up. We should talk 🙂 

Disclaimer: I hate turning people away. If you don’t meet the below criteria but are highly motivated to solve a problem that is keeping you from moving forward in life, I will work my tail off to help you find a solution. (Never been a huge fan of my tail, anyway. Frightens the children.) That being said, my emphasis and expertise lies in helping Christian adults with ADHD who struggle with the following issues:


Disorganization – cluttered workspace, personal space, and brain space (the latter of which you sometimes fear you don’t have enough.)


Lateness – constantly missing appointments, meetings, and commitments, regardless of the importance of the event.

Trouble with “follow-through” – difficulty finishing chores, completing tasks, and wrapping up the thousands of projects you were so excited to start.
Inability to make or meet goals despite expending an EXHAUSTING amount of effort.
Poor time management skills and frequent procrastination (though you may exhibit a superhuman ability to get things done at the last possible minute.)
Frequently distracted, forgetful, and careless with possessions, repeatedly losing things you use daily, like keys and phone.
Trouble maintaining close relationships due to actions that others consider irresponsible, inconsiderate, selfish, rude, or weird.
Stimulus-seeking behavior – attraction to overeating, over-drinking, over-spending, engaging in risky or dangerous activities, and anything that will keep your mind in motion.
Extremely intense emotions, as well as the tendency to do anything and everything to avoid them. Boredom is often a huge problem.
Difficulty saving money, budgeting, and paying bills.
Self-doubt, low confidence, strong need for the approval of others, and inability to see and appreciate positive attributes in yourself.
Chronic underachievement in many areas of life, paired with the conviction that you are not meeting your potential and SHOULD be doing better.

If you witness any of the above difficulties in your life, take heart. You’re not broken, you’re not a failure, and you’re not alone. In fact, you are astonishingly valuable, breathtakingly beautiful, worthy of love and respect, and created with a unique purpose. One of my highest goals is to help you see, understand, and affirm these truths in your life.

The Benefits

If I were you, I’d want to know exactly what hiring a coach was going to do for me. And though the results of our relationship depend on what you want and how much effort you choose to expend, here are just a few examples of what you can gain by working with me:


Clarity about what you truly want

A confident understanding of who you are, what you value, where you’re going, and how to get there. No more spinning your wheels. No more wasted potential.

Customized Strategies

Reading about ADHD strategies is easy. Tweaking them to fit the unique details of your life? Not so simple. I help my clients create systems, schedules, routines, and reminders that actually work for them.


Goal-setting Skills

The ability to zero in on one goal (instead of the 35 that you have bouncing around in your brain) and systematically break it down, solve for obstacles, schedule it, and get it DONE.


Improved Relationships

Improved social skills, healthy boundaries, and the ability to give others what they want and need without draining your energy or giving up essential facets of who you are. Parents will learn how to eliminate yelling, deal with frustration and guilt, and confidently plan for the future. 


Worksheets and ebook

After every session, I give you ways to take the work we have done deeper. I also give you an eBook that I created which details the core concepts I teach so that you never have to worry about forgetting what you have learned from me.


Stronger FAITH

Everything I teach has its roots in (and draws us back to) the word of God. Every goal you set, decision you make, task you accomplish, and thought you think can be used to draw you closer to the God who created you for his glory.


Control over your Emotions

I will teach you how your emotions are the REASON you aren’t doing what you want to do in your life…and then teach you how to notice, withstand, and CHANGE them. Emotional control is the key to getting different results in your life.


Reduced or even Eliminated Problem Behaviors

Improved organization, fewer missed appointments, greater willpower, reduced impulsive spending, eating, and stimulus-seeking behavior, less clutter, less procrastination, less overwhelm, and less stress.

Empowerment and Improved Self-Esteem

Acceptance of your flaws, celebration of your gifts, and the ability to engage in the world without hiding who you are.


The hardest part of change is continuing to believe you are on the right path even when you fail or make mistakes. I will be there for you the whole time to help you trouble-shoot, stay out of your own head, and keep going. All without ever judging you for falling in the first place.

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Jessica has a way of turning perceived walls into windows. No matter what seemingly confusing thought process of mine I threw her way, she somehow handled it with grace, compassion, positivity, and direction. I felt so cared for by her approach and abundant flexibility in helping me to find specific tools to better manage my life. Her approach isn’t generalized, it’s tailor made and personalized with compassionate care. Her witty, funny, and bubbly personality make the experience a joy, and I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone who struggles as an adult with ADHD.

From L., new Mama and freelance photography biz owner

The assignments for the time between our calls were separated into tasks that could be attempted in short daily thought-work sessions. I was glad to be coached through all the obstacles my brain laid in front of me to ‘rescue’ me from the discomfort of doing this work to make changes.

From E, Home-Educating Parent and Consultant IT Lawyer

This might be the best money I have ever spent and possibly ever will spend. I’m learning things about my mind and emotions that I had heard before but that never clicked until now. Also, I have never before had someone be so diligent in reminding me to truly put God first. I feel that Jessica truly cares about me and my goals, and that she’s helping me make big changes in my life.

From M, an ADHD client in her sixties who came to me seeking help starting a business to help women organize their homes

After 24 years of coping, counseling, medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I found Jessica to be an insightful facilitator in reducing my ADD symptoms. She approached me, after only a few months into her training, to be a “test client” to practice her Life Coaching skills on. I remember being truly impressed with how much she already knew about the tools I’d been taught by licensed doctors and therapists. Jessica has been the greatest aid when it comes to actually DOING the hard work it takes to battle ADHD.

From A., a friend with ADHD and Anxiety who began coaching with me during my coach training and continued working with me for three years

Jessica offers so much as a coach!  She is bright, fun, and hardworking. She wears many hats in her sessions. She is compassionate, confrontational, and creative. Her contagious energy instills hope as she passionately helps clients identify problematic thought patterns & explore creative new thought possibilities.

 As a parent of a child with ADHD her suggested strategies were invaluable to me yet surprisingly simple to implement. Jessica’s teaching helped me to have a better understanding of what our child experiences and how to help him learn some self-regulating strategies. As a parent I also learned to prioritize, identify my own negative thoughts and counterproductive behaviors and implement new strategies. I highly recommend Jessica as a coach.

From N., Homeschooling mother of six children, including one with an ADHD diagnosis

I have personally heard and observed Jessica’s coaching. She has demonstrated proficiency in the coaching competencies as outlined by ADDCA and the ICF, and I can confidently state that she is coaching at a level commensurate to an ADDCA graduate. I am very happy to recommend her for Basic Graduation.

I have been Jessica’s Mentor Coach from March 13 to the present and we have coached a total of 13.5 hours to date. Jessica establishes good rapport with her clients and competently identifies a clear agenda. She listens with great compassion and is always curious about the context of what they want and listens deeply through the ADHD lens. She has a contemporary and inviting style that will serve her clients well. She works diligently to allow her clients to find their own answers and gives forwarding and insightful feedback. Her insight and intuition are strong.

Jessica is a dedicated coach, committed to her own growth and development. She will be a great addition to the community of ADDCA coaches. If there is any further information you need in support of her application, I’d be happy to provide it.

From Roger DeWitt, a certified ADHD coach instructor and my mentor coach during my training at ADDCA

It’s really hard to put into words what working with Jessica has given me. I actually don’t know if I can appropriately write it all out… Before I worked with her, I was convinced I was incapable of being a person who accomplished things they set out to do. I felt trapped in inadequacy, and I didn’t know how to escape. I felt constantly disappointed in myself, and I was often overwhelmed by my own anxiety (which I now know to have been caused by a history of patterns of thinking), and I was unknowingly letting my thoughts govern my life by hijacking my emotions. I had no idea that the power of thoughts was something I could participate in. The way she effortlessly weaves in God’s presence and perspective was something I also really needed – I wanted to feel simultaneously independent and driven, but also reliant on God.

She helped me to see that taking every thought captive is something God WANTS us to do — because we can’t actually be open to what God may have in store/the notion that all things are possible with God… if we don’t believe, really and truly, that anything is possible. I was stuck in my own limiting beliefs… which stemmed from little lies that my brain was masquerading as truths. Jessica helped me dismantle these – and she helped me see how I could examine and dismantle them on my own. Working with her gave me better language for my thoughts/feelings – it actually gifted me an emotional maturity that I really badly needed. In general, working with her is like working with a mind reader. Half the time I would vomit a word-salad and she would be like, “Ok so your brain is feeling this.” Amazing! She has a God-given preternatural and intuitive ability to decipher the confusing language of our brains – and then she helps you start to decipher it too. For the first time in my life since I was very young, I am proud to say I really believe I am a person who can do ANYTHING – because why not? And how is it true that anyone who ever did anything believed that they could do anything?? (If you don’t know what that means this is your cue to work with Jessica ;)). She also has a quirky sense of humor and an extremely down-to-earth disposition that makes sessions feel like coffee with a friend. The work was hard but worth every penny. She changed my life. I will be forever grateful.

From M - Singer/Songwriter/Actress

What I now have from coaching is a much better awareness of my thoughts, feelings and actions. It really is about taking “every thought captive” and examining them. Coaching has made me realize just how insecure and scared of my feelings I was/am. I can honestly say I am more emotionally intelligent now, and continue to gain this intelligence as I work through my issues in real time. I have gained wisdom of how my thoughts and actions affect those around me and definitely have more self-love now than I did before the coaching. 

 I have gained a deeper relationship with Jesus through coaching. Coaching has given me a better understanding of how God works in our lives. My faith has strengthened a great deal. I trust in God’s promises more than ever now. I’ve learned that God doesn’t constantly fix our circumstances so we can feel better and this is ok, there are good reasons for it.

I realize now that baby steps are very much so progress. It sounds so cliche. There were many sessions we had that I didn’t feel like being present for because I felt like I wasn’t making progress. Afterward I was happy I showed up because even in the sessions where I did the bare minimum was progress that made a difference.

Working with Jessica is fun, easy going, and overall enjoyable. Jessica is easy to talk to about anything. And I mean ANYTHING…I felt comfortable telling her my most shameful parts of myself so I can work through them and get to the root of my issues. I got more of the results I want out of coaching with Jessica than I have with all the years of talk therapy with various counselors and therapists. Watching the recordings of our sessions after the fact has helped me immensely in regards to seeing myself- my demeanor and how I hold a conversation vs. how I want it to look like. My relationships have improved because I have gained the skill of compassion and being able to really see things through someone else’s perspective, whether I agree with it or not.

 Jessica is smart, understanding, compassionate and caring. It helps that she is so passionate about what she does because there were times when I was feeling defeated, but I just kept showing up. Jessica asks hard questions that really got me to think and dig deep. It was hard at times but she was available outside of our sessions for help if I needed it. The difficult questions I worked on answering were very necessary for healing and therefore making changes in my life. I never thought working on the core of my issues could be interesting or even fun but I have gained a new perspective on self-work through coaching.

 I highly recommend Every Thought Captive Coaching to overall gain momentum over your life to go in the direction that you want but just can’t seem to do it on your own.

From A, Pharmacy student/waitress

Thank you again so much for all the progress made this year. I literally remember the moment that I found your instagram account. I had just taken on my first three clients for my admissions business in November 2020 and was a few weeks into trying out living in Turkey. 

It felt like divine timing that I was noticing these different symptoms that I now have a name for and really was hoping to find someone who has a Christian background so I could be honest about where faith fit into all of this. 

I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for what you do as a coach and I am so glad that you launched this business to help support other women. If I can summarize in a sentence what you gave me hope for, is that I can have a life with a spouse, family and a home, not in spite of but because of the unique gifts that come with having a differently and beautifully wired brain. 

From J, businesswoman, entrepreneur, international traveler

Jessica is very good at meeting you where you’re at. It’s not a class you’re sitting through, it’s just what’s going on in your life and addressing it head on.

From R, dad of three

For me, the biggest takeaways from Jessica’s coaching were personal confidence and increased self-awareness. Being less than two years into my ADHD diagnosis and treatment journey when I started with Jessica, it was helpful to receive coaching related to how ADHD does (but doesn’t have to) affect my personal, professional, and spiritual life, while also coming up with tools for sustainable growth. Working with Jessica was like working with a friend. I was always comfortable sharing my most personal experiences and thoughts with no fear of judgement, but that’s not to say it was without challenge. Jessica always pushed me to be better and, at points, probably believed in me more than I believed in myself. I needed that. I would recommend Jessica to anyone considering ADHD or similar life coaching.

From Matthew D'Antuono

Working with Jessica was my first experience with coaching. I have not been formally diagnosed with ADHD (though I have many of the symptoms, I found out), but I was looking for someone to help me get un-stuck, for lack of a better word, from some cycles and patterns I have been living in for years – both spiritually and in relationships. Did I see huge “change” or visible “growth” in my time working with Jessica? Not really. But now that our six months have ended, I have a deeper understanding of what is happening in my mind (thoughts) and heart, and feel more prepared, equipped, and excited to keep learning, growing, being, and thinking. I love how she always helped me identify what thoughts were behind whatever was going on, how my thoughts directly affected my feelings/emotions, and reminded me that my thoughts can be changed.  Jessica listened well, pointed me to Jesus, has lots of tools and wisdom up her sleeve, is real and easy to relate with, and is a lot of fun. I wish I could have continued, but I am now working on being clearer in my focus, making time for thinking and planning, more aware of what is my responsibility and what is not, and learning how to better identify.

From Shanna Blackwell