Choose thoughts you BELIEVE.

The goal is to feel SLIGHTLY more hopeful, more capable, more energized…so that you can put your mind to work doing what it does best…IMAGINING.

You were BORN for this.

Born to see a problem and get to work creatively coming up with a solution.

Your brain THRIVES on challenges like this…WHEN YOU TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF.

There are a lot of ways to do that. For today, here are my most urgent tips:

Pray about the problem you are trying to solve. Don’t ask God to solve it for you. TALK ABOUT IT WITH HIM. Have a conversation. Tell him the ways you have tried in the past. Ask for insights into what you could do differently. When he is silent, assume that he wants you to keep thinking and believing (in both him and yourself).



Here are a few to get you started:

1. If I knew that I MYSELF was going to figure this out and follow through in the next two months, what is ONE step I know I would need to take?

2. Is that step the first one? If so, when will I do it, how will I remember, and what would make it easy or fun? (Don’t take “nothing” for an answer on that last one. Keep asking. GENTLY.)

3. What obstacles might come up? How could I solve for these obstacles if I were not rushing myself?

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