No one but YOU can make you feel rejected. No one. I swear it.

I know that’s not how it seems, but bear with me.

Your feelings come from your thoughts, not from other people.

No matter what they say or do.

No matter how cruel or disrespectful or unloving they are.

It’s still YOUR agreement with them that cuts you to the heart.

It’s YOUR decision to DISAVOWMASK, or BULLDOZE a part of yourself (be it good or bad) that shatters your self-confidence.

AM I too enthusiastic? Maybe I should try to be quieter…” =rejection.

I HATE that I can’t remember anything or show up on time!” =rejection.

“I would love to dance but I’m too fat” =rejection.

The message is clear. I am not enough. I am not allowed human flaws. I must make myself different to be accepted and loved.


Take stock of all the parts of you that you have ever rejected in order to fit in.

Try on these thoughts:

“Yes, this is a flaw of mine, and it is part of my humanity. I accept my humanity and I won’t hide it.”

“Some people don’t know how to love this quality of mine, but I refuse to dislike it just because THEY do. Instead, I’m going to advocate for myself and find a community of people who appreciate it.”

“I’d rather not fit in than betray myself.”

“My God created everything in existence. I’m his child. I belong here, as I am.”


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