Hey ADHD friends:

Schedules create rebellious emotions because we change our thoughts from “I want to do this” to “I have to do this”

The reason you feel GREAT when you are putting a schedule together and CRAPPY when you are trying to carry it out is this:⁠


You created the schedule thinking about your goals and all the things you WANT to do in your life. ⁠

But when it comes time to carry out the tasks you listed, your thoughts shift. Suddenly, you are telling yourself you DON’T want to do any of this stuff. ⁠

You might even be annoyed or angry at your past self for putting you in the position of HAVING to either do a bunch of work you don’t want to do OR become someone who doesn’t follow through on his/her word.⁠

I get it. I’ve been there a million times. Here are some of the ways I choose to think about my scheduling. ⁠

1. If I want it, I want it (this applies to goals, items, opportunities, relationships, etc.)⁠

2. If I want it, I want ALL of it. Not just the good parts. Not just when I feel motivated. If I commit to wanting something, I commit to ALL OF IT. 

3. I ONLY schedule what I have thought through and decided I WANT. Looked at the pros and cons and DECIDED: “I want this.” ⁠

My present self can look at my schedule at any given time and KNOW that there is nothing on there that I don’t want to do. Nothing that won’t be satisfying when I think about it later, nothing that cannot be enjoyed in the moment. It is only my LOWER brain resisting, not my true self. My true self is ALL IN. ⁠

And when I focus on THAT, I get things done. ⁠

Want help doing the same?