If you self-sabotage, you need to read this. It is so important. The thing that we call self-sabotage is not your brain fighting against you. It is your brain fighting for something that you want, but are not letting yourself have.

Things like rest, time to think, plan, decompress, feeling good, FUN. These are the kind of things we forget to build into our plans to achieve goals or solve problem. But we still want them and our brains know it, so they try to get them wherever they can.

The problem is that when your brain goes about trying to get you these things, it doesn’t take into consideration any of your other goals. And therefore, it disrupts the plans that you’ve set up to make those goals possible.

The solution is to look at your self-sabotaging behavior, see what it is that that behavior is getting you, and then reformulate your plans to achieve your goals so that they include giving yourself these things.

That may look like extending deadlines, adding strategies, bringing in some help, but it will be way more effective than what you’re doing right now.