Got ADHD? Then self-awareness is the GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF.

You likely grew up paying attention to whatever was urgent and interesting in the moment.

Which means you likely don’t know yourself and your mind very well.

Which is a problem.

Because you can’t create a life of purpose without knowing what you want and what is keeping you from getting it.

And you can’t know either of those things until you cut through society’s BS, other people’s opinions, and the programmed lies floating around in your head, dictating your actions.

Living in God’s power Requires you to look not only up, but also INSIDE.

It’s my job to help you do this.

It’s your job to take the leap of faith in yourself.

One of the most loving things that I do for my clients is that I never believe their BS. If you are about to tell me that you don’t have any BS, then we just found your BS.

What I mean is that I don’t believe anything that my clients tell me at face value. That’s not because I don’t trust them. That’s just because I know that most of the thoughts in our heads are neither true nor false.

They are judgment calls that we have made by gathering evidence over the years. But I also know that the way we gather evidence is skewed toward the negative. We look for problem, which is great for survival and horrible for our belief in ourselves.

And success depends on your belief in yourself.

So back to client BS, when someone says to me, “I’m bad at organizing,” I’m not going to let them get away with that.

  • How do you know you’re bad at organizing?
  • How are you defining the word organized?
  • What parts of your life are organized well?
  • How do you decide where to place things in your physical space?
  • If you were organized, how would you feel about yourself?
  • If you felt that way about yourself, how would you go about organizing?

It is the answers to questions like these that help my clients break through what’s actually holding them back.

Aren’t you curious what that would be for you?