If you want more success, then what you need is more wanting.

Bear with me. A lot of us with adult ADHD have trained ourselves to want less and less because it is so painfully disappointing to not achieve success after we decided we wanted something. But the problem is that we’ve defined success in this really limiting all-or-nothing way.

Either we ran the 10K or we are a giant steaming turd of failure. But wanting less just means that the first half of the success equation “I want it” is not there anymore

What I want you to do is want more and redefine success.

Here’s what you need to want more of, the milestones on your way to an outcome, the skills that you need to achieve an outcome, the emotions that you need to make it easy and enjoyable to achieve that outcome, and the thoughts that you need to believe to make those emotions possible.

Then you define success to me not reaching the outcome, but on a daily basis, hitting any of those four things that I just mentioned.

Hold onto the outcome for direction and excitement, not success.

Why would you “want” the PROCESS?

Because when you KNOW you are going to get the result you are after, the process is the best part.

The process is where you learn.

The process is where you improve ALL aspects of your life, not just the one you are working on.

For example: when I focus on the SKILL of connecting to God and myself to create feelings of safety and love in a group setting (instead of eating food to avoid feeling rejected), I not only lose weight…I gain RELATIONSHIPS.

The process is also where the fun is…if you are willing to LET it be.

And the process is where all that success you’ve been denying yourself can be found.

Want it.

Track it.

Linger in it.

Embrace the idea that NOW can be just as enjoyable as THEN.