Believing you cannot do something is the same as believing God cannot do it.

Hear me out. The world wants to tell us that everything we do, we do by our power and stick-with-it-ness and badassery. And if you’re a Bible-believing Christian, you want to avoid that kind of elevation of self.

Trying to become equal to God is the oldest sin in the book, literally. So we’re very careful to ascribe all of our successes to God. I achieved this by God’s grace, through His power. But when we haven’t achieved something yet, we start to shift into this I can’t mentality.

And it’s not like I can’t without God. It’s I can’t, end-stop.

And as soon as you believe I can’t, end-stop, your body will experience strong feelings of resistance to doing any task involved with whatever you think you can’t do because your brain is not interested in futility.

But if God can do anything, and if He wants to use your actions to do it, both true, then I can’t is not only never true, but it also directly leads to you acting like God can’t. 

But…..what if I HAVE been believing God can do it…and I HAVE been taking steps….and I still don’t have anything to show for it?

Does it just mean God doesn’t want me to have the result I’m after?