If you’ve been believing that you can achieve something by God’s power and you’ve been taking steps, so many steps, to achieve it, but nothing is happening, does that mean that it’s not God’s will?

Possibly, but here’s what it might also mean:

1. You set a time limit

You set an arbitrary time limit for your goal, and it’s going to take longer than that.

2. You are attached to a “How”

You decided upon a method of achieving this goal, and you need to open your mind back up to different possibilities.

3. You are missing the lesson

There’s a really important lesson that you need to learn before you move into this next phase of your life, and you’re not looking for it.

4. You’re not evaluating effectively

Your evaluative tools are either nonexistent or focused solely on the end outcome and not the progress that you have been making, but are not seeing.

So here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  1. Am I willing to work at this for as long as it takes?
  2. Am I willing to try a different method?
  3. Am I willing to get help?
  4. What lesson could I learn from this?
  5. What parts of my life have improved as I have pursued this goal?
  6. Finally, if God doesn’t want this for me, am I willing to submit to his plan? Why or why not?

Check yourself to see if you are WILLING to accept a different outcome. If not, you might be believing that God DOESN’T have your best life in mind.

You want to explore this belief, not eliminate it or push it away.

If you are truly submissive…then go back after the thing you want! God will take care of you.