I’m DONE with people using awareness of their ADHD to put themselves down or explain to themselves why they can never have what they want.

You want to know why you can’t do the thing? It’s not because you have ADHD. It is always, always, always because of how you feel.

Emotions drive our actions. 

In our culture being “emotional” is considered bad, but the truth is everyone is emotional.

Everyone’s actions are driven by their emotion.

So if you want to do X, but you’re doing Y. You need to look at how you’re feeling right before you do Y.

That feeling and action combination is a habit and it will show up in multiple areas of your life.

Fortunately, for you and I, it is a habit that can be broken.

Want to know how? There are two things that you must do in order to have the ABILITY to do X instead of being forced by your emotions to do Y.

The first is to embrace all emotions as good and useful. This is not fun. It’s not easy, and it’s not comfortable, but it’s also not as painful as we think it will be.

The second thing is to build the skill of conscious thought choice, which is how you create a different emotion so you can literally do anything.

When you’re ready to take on those two challenges, I am ready to coach you. Respond to this email if you want to talk about changing your life.

P.S. Here’s an exercise for you!

You are a child of the all-powerful king of creation.

You want something – REALLY want it? You can have it.

It starts with believing that you CAN.

And then asking yourself – if my ADHD weren’t the thing holding me back…what ELSE might be standing in the way?

Let you mind go blank or give you a pat answer. 

And then gently ask it again. 

Take time with this. If you refuse to pressure yourself, but also refuse to give up, you will find the exact answer you need for your next step. 

It might be ONLY one step, but it will lead to all the others.