ARE YOU GIVING UP YOUR POWER? Irritation is a sign you ARE!

“But Jessica, sometimes there are situations that I’m really powerless to change.”

No, no, no, no, no, no. No. You always have power.

First off, are you a child of the omnipotent omniscient creator of the universe, or not?

Can you bend reality and do impossible things in the name of Christ when you pray, or not?

But even if we ignore those things, we have immense power in any situation.

Here are the things that are always within your power:

  1. The meaning you assign to the things that happen to you
  2. The thoughts you choose to focus on
  3. The ability to process current emotions OUT of your body
  4. The ability to create and feel NEW, more useful emotions
  5. The ability to creatively solve the problem
  6. The action you choose to take next

If that list is not exciting to you, if it seems insufficient, I’m guessing you’re getting stuck on your own vision.

Vision = The way you imagine you will get the things you want.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you decide to take your children to the pool on Wednesday. You promise them, you get them very excited, you hype it up. And Wednesday comes and it is storming outside.

You are now not going to the pool. If at this point you tell yourself or your children, “There’s nothing I can do,” you are stuck on the imaginative vision that you had yesterday.

The only way to make it go the way you imagined is to control the weather or go back in time and not make the promise in the first place. But why are we so attached to that particular vision? It’s just a series of thoughts.

A decision that we made arbitrarily. A possible solution to a problem or goal that has many solutions. Why did we want to go to the pool anyway? What was the point?

Stay cool, have fun, build relationships, enjoy the world, God created. We still have the power to find a new way to do all of those things.

Lots of disappointment, anger, and irritability means you are getting stuck on your vision all day long.

Stepping into your power is an almost miraculous way to change that.

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