True CLARITY is not just WHAT you want and WHY… Here are 3 more things you need!

Even if you know what you want and why, you can still suffer from a lack of clarity.

And that lack of clarity will keep you from being productive and creating a life that you love.

I’m going to tell you three things you might be a little fuzzy on and a bonus point at the end.

Number one is value:

Even if you know what you want and why you want it, if you haven’t wrapped your mind around what it is worth, you’ll have a hard time getting going on this because the cost-benefit analysis that allows your dopamine to kick in will be incomplete.

Number two thing you might be unclear on is priority:

You want to do a lot of things, which one do you do first? If you’re unclear on this, you will either try to do them all or do none of them.

Final thing you could be unclear on is (Response) ABILITY:

Is it even within your power to make this happen? If you are unclear on that, your uncertainty will lead you to taking halfway actions or no actions.

That’s a lot of uncertainty you can still have in your life, even after you know what you want. And you might not even know what you want.

In fact, a lot of us only know what we don’t want, and that is a problem because decisions made in pain or discontent are usually unsustainable.

Bonus: Being motivated by pain often MUDDLES clarity and limits success.