I’m going to explain how to like yourself, today.

It’s taken me 34 years to get here, but I have broken it down for you.

Liking yourself requires three things.

Number one: 

You must notice and focus on what is good about you now. Don’t tell me there is nothing good about you.

Every bad thing is also a good thingwhen you put it in the right context or within the right boundaries.

Oh, you’re disorganized? You’re probably also spontaneous. You overshare? Sensitive and empathetic. Weird-shaped eyes? You’ve got two of them, that’s a win.

Number two:

You must look at the good things that you want to add or increase in your life or your personality as bonuses, not as necessities.

My daughter is super smart and not super cuddly. Do I want her to be more cuddly? It’d be a bonus, but I like her because she’s so much fun to have a conversation with. You can do that with yourself too.

Number three:

You need to learn how to change from a positive emotion, rather than a negative one.

Most of us cling to our self-hatred because we think that will pain us into becoming better, but there’s a better way to change.

You’re likable. I swear it. But you may not be skilled at LIKING.

And that is putting a huge kink in your plans for self-improvement.

Because nobody takes risks or does uncomfortable things when they are already feeling disgust, contempt, pain, and fear.

Instead, they buy a new planner, swear off of sugar, rage clean the house….and quit a week later.

And repeat.

Let’s break the cycle.


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Second order?

Blow your mind with what you are capable of.