These 10 emotions are MORE effective than motivation!

If you have ADHD, you would probably club baby seals for a little motivation. But you don’t need motivation to get a lot done.

What you actually need are three things: 

  • A mildly positive emotion 
  • Believable thoughts that create that emotion
  • A brain outside your brain

There are so many emotions that make it easy for you to take actions. Motivation is just one of those emotions. And motivation feels amazing, but it is also a little bit hard to create.

To feel motivated, you need thoughts like this is so much fun or, wow I’m really getting the hang of this, or I can’t wait to get XYZ done.

Sometimes you just can’t believe those thoughts. So what you want to do is choose a lower intensity, but still positive emotion. For example…

  1. Convicted
  2. Curious
  3. Determined
  4. Engaged
  5. Loving
  6. Neutral
  7. Open-minded
  8. Peaceful
  9. Trusting
  10. Willing

Then you ask yourself, when I’m feeling say convicted, what are the thoughts running through my mind, generating that emotion?

For convicted, I’m usually thinking something like “This is just the right thing to do.” Can I believe that thought and focus on it in this moment?

If you can believe it, meaning you actually feel conviction when you make that statement, you will be able to take action. No motivation required.

Now that was two of the things you need, emotions and thoughts.

You also need a brain outside your brain, all I mean by that is something that is not your MIND, to remind you what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and to keep you thinking the thoughts that you need to sustain the actions you want.

That may be a planner and alarm combination. It may be the buddy system. Even if those things haven’t worked for you in the past, they will start to, now that you’re getting your emotions under your control.

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