If you’ve tried a bunch of ADHD strategies and none of them are working, it’s not because there’s a problem with the strategy. And it’s not because there’s a problem with you.

It’s because there’s a problem with your thoughts.

The whole point of an ADHD strategy is to make it easier for you to change your thinking. And why do we want our thoughts to change? Because our thoughts create our emotions, which create our actions.

Every action problem is actually a thought problem at the root.

So, if you set an alarm to start the bedtime routine that you created for yourself to ensure that you get enough rest, it gives you the opportunity to think all kinds of wonderful motivating things:

 “Now is the time when I get ready for bed. This is how I take care of myself. My good day tomorrow starts right now. I’m looking forward to silk PJs and one chapter of my novel.”

Note: The “right” thought to think depends on the individual.

But notice that the opportunity to think a motivating thought does not mean that’s what you’re going to choose to think.

So, if you want these strategies to work, it is your job to figure out what you are thinking and to change it to something that’s more useful.

Most people are barely conscious of their thoughts.

Which means they are acting without their own consent.

If this is you, know this:

1. You can TOTALLY become conscious enough of your own thoughts to use them FOR you instead of against you.


3. Learning this is messy. Don’t do it alone. At minimum, get involved in a community like “Focused”. But if you want a totally transformed life…let’s talk about you HIRING ME to do the thing I was born to do – help you succeed!