If you are tired of being behind… Behind socially, behind financially, behind on your bills, behind on your career, behind on your housework, behind on your goals, then you are in the right place.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to stop this situation from being your normal and tell you how you can actually catch up.

The number one reason that you are behind is that you believe the thought, “I’m behind.”

Hear me out for just a second. When you believe the thought “I am behind,” it creates an emotion, an energy in your body.

For most of us, that emotion will be either urgency, desperation, or pressure, and all of those are a problem.

Because when we feel those emotions, we do not allow ourselves to do the things that we need to do in order to have long-term success and progress.

Things like setting aside large chunks of time to plan and evaluate.

Instead, we’re frantically taking a bunch of actions and trying a bunch of strategies, never sticking with any of them long enough to actually make them work and never learning anything.

Even worse, if we do realize that we need time to think, plan and evaluate, but we sit down to do it while feeling pressured, desperate, and behind, we will have no access to our highest creativity and brilliance because pressure shuts that down.

So we will go blank. We’ll feel stupid. We’ll feel like there is no answer.

You’re not behind. “I’m behind” is an ABUSIVE idea that we shove upon ourselves to get us to move FASTER. But it doesn’t help us move BETTER.

The proof that you are not behind is this: there is no rule book or set of standards inherent to human life.

The best evidence that you are behind is:

A. Your life doesn’t look like someone else’s.
B. Your life doesn’t look like your imagined version of YOU.

But there is nothing that says that it SHOULD look like those things, and certainly nothing that says it should look like them before a certain deadline.

So how about evidence AGAINST the idea that you are behind? Well, how about how often the Bible tells us that God is in control of everything that happens with his timing, and he’s given us exactly what we need for this moment?

You’re not behind. BUT.

You might WANT something. Want it badly.

I invite you to focus on that. On what you WANT, not on what you “should have already.” And then think about not only how to get it quickly but also sustainably and with excellence.


Don’t be. Getting what you want WITHOUT pressuring yourself is as simple as mastering 8 skills (skills you can use even with ADHD).

Here’s a quick thought for you to try on today.

If I wanted to do this quickly and well, what would I need? “I’m so behind” will be there for you if you need it, but you won’t.