So the experts told us that we need to take our goals and break them down into tiny little steps. But did they tell us how to make those tiny little steps sustainable and effective? No!

I’m going to do that, but first, let me walk you through seven signs that the action steps you currently have are unsustainable, meaning it will be difficult or even impossible for you to complete these steps long enough to get the result that you want.

Number one:

Your steps are unsustainable if they disrupt the normal flow of your life.

An example of this is going from minimal physical activity to a two-hour workout every day of your week. That’s a change of almost 14% to the things you normally do with your waking hours. Completely unsustainable.

Number two:

It’s unsustainable if it requires more willpower than you currently have at your disposal. You have a limited amount, and you may be using a lot of it just to get through your day.

Number three: 

It’s unsustainable if you wouldn’t be willing to do it for a full calendar year. I’m not saying you have to do it that long. It’s the vibe that I’m after.

Number four: 

It’s unsustainable if you don’t believe it will work. If you don’t believe in it, go ahead and cross it right off your list. Side note, you can build belief, and that’s something that a coach like me can help you with.

Number five:

It’s unsustainable if it directly opposes or gets in the way of your other life goals. Completely avoiding sugar does not work for me to lose weight because I also have a sweet tooth and the goal of enjoying my food.

Number six is tricky:

It’s unsustainable if a negative emotion or a manically positive emotion drove the decision to do it. More on that later.

Number seven:

It’s unsustainable if you’re quitting. That’s the sign.

You’re not lazy or incapable….you have skills to learn!

Neurotypical adults tend not to realize when they are benefitting from a skill they picked up easily, so they talk about it as though it should be innate.

And it’s not. At all.

The sustainability of your actions is a HUGE deal when you want to achieve a goal.

It’s even more important when you want that goal to change the trajectory of your LIFE.