My Stats.   My Story.

My Stats

A brief overview of pertinant information about me and my coaching style, as well as a few details that have no relevance whatsoever.


Name: Jessica Renee Heimsoth

Age: 35

Home: Shawnee, Kansas

Big dreams: Homeschool kiddos while traveling the country in a camper AND while running a million dollar biz that helps thousands of people live their own dreams. 

My family: 

Wife to Stephen, an incredibly tough, neurotypical dude who cooks, cleans, does my taxes, and keeps me from wandering off in theme parks and Wal-Mart.

Mom to Kysa, a linguistically-gifted, snake-obsessed 5yo, and Mattea, a super-squeezable 3yo sweetheart who MAY be a Labrador puppy in disguise.

Proud owner of a silky gray Mini Rex named Nimbus 2000 (Nimby for short.) Future owner of an enormous black German shepherd.  

Interesting facts:

  • I’m obsessed with vanilla. 
  • Due to flexible ligaments, I can lick my elbow. This is supposed to be impossible, which delights me.
  • I am an enneagram 4 with a strong 5 wing.
  • When I was a freshman in college, I won a rubix cube for having the messiest room in the entire dorm.
  • I love dancing, running, singing, reading, and watching movies with unrealistically intelligent, sarcastic main characters. 

How I see ADHD: An often debilitating WAY OF BEING caused by genetic predisposition, brain chemistry, and environmental circumstances (essentially, both a nature and nurture issue.) EVERYONE with ADHD has talents and strengths that can be drawn out and developed in order to life a full, happy life.

What I teach about God: The Bible is God’s revelation of Christ to mankind. It is an authoritative source of history and guidance, and the key place we should go to seek direction and wisdom. Serving, glorifying, and enjoying God is EVERYONE’S highest purpose here on earth, and should be our number one priority. For many of us, ADHD makes this difficult, but I am evidence that we truly can be transformed, even if all we can manage right now is WANTING to want God.

The Cliffnotes version of my life:

  • Gifted-kid education, strong talent for writing, and straight A’s all the way through college. NEVER a hint of “you might have ADHD” from anyone.
  • Graduated and confidently sat down to write novels. Wrote absolutely nothing. Panicked. 
  • Got married at 22. Found out first-hand how much hurt two humans can do to each other when their expectations are not met and there are no easy explanations (ahem…ADHD). 
  • Systematically destroyed my health, marriage, spiritual life, and career as a sommelier (wine expert) in an effort to just FEEL OKAY. Did not feel okay.
  • Diagnosed with ADHD at age 27.
  • Discovered coaching and watched myself slowly turn my WHOLE LIFE around. 
  • Decided I was BORN to help other people who had gone through difficulties like my own. 
  • Started the biz you’re looking at right now. And it is crazy hard and crazy amazing and I’m never stopping.

What I teach about getting what you want: You can have it. No, really. With a few exceptions, everything that you want is available to you when you understand that:


Everything you do is because of a feeling.


Everything you feel is because of a thought.


Most of your thoughts are untrue, and all of them are optional.


Changing your thinking (by replacing lies with God’s truth) will literally change your life (sometimes, in an instant.)


I’m here to help you through ALL of it. 🙂

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