God vs. ADHD

We know who wins eventually. We’re just tired of putting off the victory dance.

I designed this course for Christians with ADHD (or similar focus and productivity problems) who have struggled along for years now, perhaps picking up a book about ADHD here or a strategy that KINDA works there, but never making the kind of lasting changes that they are looking for.

If this is you, I feel for you. I’m betting you’re frustrated (with yourself, and maybe even with God) that your symptoms are so disrupting to your daily life. I’m guessing you’re bewildered at some of the things you do, and feel powerless to make changes. And I’m almost certain that you’re just TIRED of trying so hard but seeing no results in your life. You might even be afraid of losing the things and people that matter most to you, including your faith in the one person you know you simply cannot lose, God himself.

I’d like to help.

While I got into coaching because I wanted to create deep, transformative change in the lives of individuals as unique as myself, I started to notice that there were several unifying problems in the lives of my clients. The God Vs. ADHD program is designed to address a large number of the most debilitating issues that Christians with ADHD face and allow you to start working on them with SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s different than buying a book or Googling “how to organize your closet.” This time, you’ll have a coach and a community of people like you to help you follow through.

The God vs. ADHD group coaching program includes weekly zoom meetings, during which you will have the opportunity to be coached live or anonymously, as well as learn from others experiencing problems. You will also be able to ask questions, celebrate victories, and experience a safe space of like-minded people in a private Facebook group. And finally, we will kick-start the group coaching program with a 15 week intensive course that covers essential ADHD strategies and solutions. The nine modules of this course are detailed below:

Putting God first. I talk about why focusing on God is more important than “fixing” your life in any other capacity, and I help you get clear on how you can prioritize that relationship even if your ADHD has been making it very difficult. It can sometimes be difficult to actually hand over our lives to God, but you CAN trust him to take care of you, and I’m here to help show you how.

Mastering your thoughts. In this module you’ll learn about how your brain is keeping you stuck, why you want the things you want, where your feelings come from, and how to change your actions without having to force yourself, use willpower, or think “positive thoughts” that you don’t believe.

Values and Affirmations. In Module 3 you learn how to align yourself with your true values so that every part of your day is more meaningful and more revitalizing. You also learn how to cut energy-draining activities from your life, feel your feelings (it’s more important than it sounds!) and deal with the failures that WILL come when you start putting yourself out there.

Essential ADHD Strategies. In Module 4, you learn the strategies that form the basis of any good ADHD success program. We discuss the best ways to utilize “external brains” like planners, calendars, checklists, and notes. In addition, we talk about how to USE your brain’s penchant for making things automatic to your advantage, as well as how to create feelings of motivation and determination, rather than waiting for them to come to us. Finally, I show you how important it is to commit to what you schedule, and how to trust yourself to do this.

Time and Lateness. Module 5 is all about ADHD problems with time and how to effectively work through and around them. You will learn awesome ways to use a timer to decrease procrastination, increase energy, and get you where you want to go (on time). We’ll also talk about how to set up your environment for success, as well as why I insist that the items on your to-do list need to be scheduled.

Clutter and Organization. In Module 6 we get down and dirty (ha) with what is causing your clutter, how to know if you have too much stuff, what to do about it if you DO, and how to execute a purge of your belongings. We also discuss ADHD friendly ways to organize your home or other spaces, as well as the limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from getting this done.

Impulsivity and Overwhelm. Module 7 hits on two extremes – the ADHD tendency to act without thinking, and the equally prevalent habit of being UNABLE to act due to too much stimuli or inability to see the whole picture. We’ll discuss what to do about the emotions (yes, they are emotions!) of overwhelm and indecision, tackle the tricky subject of emotional overload, and also start to utilize strategies that can slow us down in moments where we keep creating negative results in our lives, such as overeating, over-drinking, over-spending, over-Facebooking, and other risky or net-negative behavior.

Modules 8 and 9 contain many different topics that tend to be relevant to ADHDers. We briefly discuss budgeting and handling finances, meal planning, dealing with impulsivity in social situations, and doing damage control when we are about to lose a job or relationship. We also talk about our worth, self-confidence, and methods of dealing with other people who may or may not understand the struggles we are going through (let’s face it – sometimes we don’t understand them ourselves!)

This course is currently closed. Email me to be notified when it reopens!

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