If you are a Christian (or cool with them) with an ADHD brain (or similar, lol) and a heart full of dreams, gifts, and goals just waiting to be realized, I’m your girl.

All of my clients learn a repeatable process for getting unstuck, making goals manageable, following through, and giving God ALL of the glory. 



“More of what Matters”

Group Coaching 

DOORS ARE OPEN! Official start date MARCH 12, 2024 

For Christians* with ADHD*

6 Month Commitment; $200 per month (Discounts and Scholarships available)

*see FAQ’s – there’s a lot of wiggle room with these terms!


That thing you want to do? Person you want to be? Life you want to create?

You can do it. Starting TODAY.

Because it’s NOT your ADHD that is the problem. IT’S YOUR SKILL SET. You can manage your time, money, motivation, and energy JUST FINE with the brain God gave you (and all it’s beautiful eccentricities).

You’re just in need of education and practice in a few non-negotiable areas, and you can’t RELIABLY control your progress or your potential until you learn them.

So I’ll teach them to you.

In a way that will ACTUALLY WORK (meaning…it’s easy-ish, it’s interesting, and it’s driven by human connection, instead of relying on your internal motivation, which you don’t (yet!) know how to control.)


How do I KNOW it will work? HA!

*tosses hair over shoulder; clears throat…

Because I HAVE ADHD, guys! And despite that (or rather, I believe, BECAUSE of it) I’ve turned my life from scattered and selfish and heavy and harmful…into a gorgeously fun and flexible river of consistent growth and joy (without ever needing it to be perfect.)

And because I’m OBSESSED with human behavior, and with figuring out how to use what I have been GIVEN to help other people who are a bit like me. So I built a business that lets me do that, and helped people in a 1:1 capacity for YEARS

Until I realized that I could boil down what every single one of my clients needed into seven specific skills.

And that EVERYONE, ADHD or not, needs these skills in order to get the life they want. Neurotypical individuals tend to absorb these skills as they grow up; neurodiverse individuals often don’t…but not because they CAN’T. In fact, given the right info, tools, and support, I’ve seen ADHD adults pick up the seven skills REALLY QUICKLY

I’m including the knowledge of these skills and how to build them in COURSE FORM in the More of What Matters group.

So…uh….why don’t I just sell the course by itself for a lot less money?

Why this big six month commitment and all the coaching jazz?

Because you wouldn’t finish the course.

You’d treat it like every other program or self-help book or planner you’ve ever bought (ask me how I know – been there!!). You’d get started with a steady stream of excitement and hope coursing through your veins…and then as soon as that novelty energy wore off you’d start forgetting to do the exercises. Or getting stuck and not knowing how to slow down and access your own brilliance to solve your problem. Or getting overwhelmed and wondering if it was REALLY worth all of this effort. Or feeling like you were a failure (again.)

And you’d quit.

Because the skills the course TEACHES YOU

…are also the skills you need to reliably FINISH THE COURSE.   

And because DESPITE the fact that you can TOTALLY do it (I’ll prove it to you!)….

….learning how to manage your life as an adult with ADHD feels super hard (and often comes with a side of shame and a healthy drizzle of self-doubt.)

And you shouldn’t. Have to. Do. That. Alone.


So I will BE THERE to give you space to problem solve. To ask you the questions that you need to hear in order to see your life through an undefeated perspective (God’s perspective.)

To show you what it is like to evaluate yourself WITHOUT judgement. To have faith in you, and in the work you are doing, when your own wavers. I’ll keep you going. I won’t give up.

And your fellow group members will be there to show you that you’re actually NOT THE ONLY ONE struggling with this stuff. And to inspire you, and give you ideas, and make you laugh, and tell you that HECK YES YOU ARE A BADASS FOR DOING THE LAUNDRY TODAY!!!

But I’m getting a little scattered. Let me sum up the reason I think you will want to spend your money, time, effort, and faith on THIS GROUP: Because….

You want to be able to control what you do,

when you do it,

how you feel,

and what kind of person you get to be….


And that, my friend, is what I will teach you to do.

I will show you how to take any situation and use YOUR BRAIN to make it interesting, engaging, meaningful, simple, doable.

And I will show you how perfectly able you are to solve any and every problem you ever encounter.


  • One 2-hour coaching call per week. Choose between morning or evening call. Or heck, come to both. Replays will be available
  • Call times are CURRENTLY Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:00pm CENTRAL TIME and Wednesday mornings 10:00am-12:00 noon CENTRAL TIME. Subject to minor changes.)
  • Membership to MOWM (More of what Matters) community in an app called CIRCLE. Daily responses from me and others when you post there. 
  • 7 Skills Course hosted in the app. Self-paced and low pressure.
  • Ability to post problems, wins, questions, and silly stuff in the group…and get prompt encouragement, commiseration, celebration, advice, and coaching that will move you forward.
  • Ability to message me directly when you are concerned or feel like you are failing. I will help you regain confidence, SEE the results you are creating, and take the next step forward.
  • Those who sign up early will get immediate access to the 7 Skills Course, as well as BONUS weekly group coaching calls with me at no extra charge. 


What ARE the 7 skills?
  1. Knowing what you WANT and letting that pull you forward…instead of letting FEAR AND AVOIDANCE drive you (this kind of life shrinks you and robs you of joy and self-confidence).
  2. Giving yourself TIME AND SPACE to think creatively and IMPLEMENT what you learn.
  3. Calming the emotions that make you avoid tasks, and CREATING the joy, curiosity, calm, and motivation to follow through.
  4. Choosing the thoughts that will get you RESULTS, not the ones that are programmed into your head by people and organizations who may or may not have known what they were talking about.   
  5. Using planners and alarms to STORE YOUR DECISIONS…without causing confusion, overwhelm, irritation, or burnout. 
  6. Breaking down your goals into MUCH smaller steps so that it is EASY to plan and create motivation to do them. 
  7. Evaluating your progress in a way that turns ALL of your failures into WINS (you can get behind no more irredemable failures, right? 🙂 ) 

 I’ll be hosting FREE WORKSHOPS that go into detail about the seven skills. If you are on my email list, you’ll get the links!

What if I'm not a Christian?

ALL FAITHS are welcome in the More of what Matters group, and I will have ZERO tolerance for disrespect of any kind. That being said, you WILL encounter overtly Christian ideas stated as facts in both my materials and in the group discussions. If you feel these statements might be triggering to you, please discus this with me!

What if I am not diagnosed with ADHD?

No worries at all! If you gravitated to ME for help, and if you are struggling with time management, self-doubt, procrastination, impulsivity, distractibility, lack of ability to start or finish…..then you’re going to fit right in 🙂 

Can you really FIX me in only 6 months?

No. I can’t.

First, because “fixed” is a story. It’s an imaginary state of being that we think we need to reach in order to feel good enough, or even OKAY about ourselves. And like happiness, FEELING good enough doesn’t happen BECAUSE you change. It is what ALLOWS you to change. If you believe “fixed” is something you can achieve at some point in the future, you will never reach it. That’s how thoughts like this work. I can (and do) explain this in more detail, but for now, I hope you trust me. 

Second, because everyone enters this group at different levels. You may enter the group with a planning system already in place… or you may need a bunch of help calming your nervous system to the point that you can even BEGIN to use a planner. I can’t tell you how long it will take you to get where you are going. But I CAN tell you that these skills will get you there. AND I can tell you that if you are NOT willing to keep at it for as long as it takes, then you’ll have limited success at best, because desperation kills growth. It just does. 

And third, because I am only the CATALYST to the changes that YOU are going to make. You DO have to do the work, which might require you to put in effort or even make temporary sacrifices. And you may or may not be ready to do that, which is TOTALLY fine. NO ONE needs to change if they are not ready. But I DO encourage you to think about what it will mean for you if you STAY THE SAME for another year, or two, or ten. 

What kind of discounts and scholarships do you offer?

You can save $200 (basically an entire month free) by paying in full ($1000 instead of $1200).
A limited number of scholarships are available for those who have little or no savings, family or community support, or ability to safely utilize credit. If you think you may qualify, please email me to discuss!


Choose your payment option below.

Paying in full saves you $200.

If you are reading this message in December or January, your monthly payments will be slightly smaller ($150 and $171.50, respectively) as they will be spread out over 8 (or 7) months instead of 6.

You will also get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the course, and weekly bonus coaching calls as soon as you sign up. 

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