Work With Me

If you are a Christian with an ADHD brain and a heart full of dreams, gifts, and goals just waiting to be realized, I’m your girl.

All of my clients learn a repeatable process for getting unstuck, making goals manageable, following through, and giving God ALL of the glory. 



Apply for 1:1 Coaching

The best results come from amazing partnerships. If you are interested in working with me, please click the link below to fill out an application for coaching. I will review this application and reach out to you to set up a totally free, no-strings-attached Discovery Call if I believe we are a perfect fit (or if I have questions for you).

If I believe you would be better served by a different coach or process, I will provide a link to some AMAZING resources and directories where you can continue your search for the right next step in your journey. 

Okay but what does working with me LOOK like? 

It looks simple. Almost TOO simple.

And that’s actually a good sign that it really works. 

Life isn’t that complicated. God’s not trying to confuse us. He’s actually laid it all out for us. Our job is to weed out the lies.

You can do this. I can help. Here are the details: 


  • 20 zoom calls (50 minutes each). During these calls I will help you take a deep dive into the way your mind works, tease apart the thoughts keeping you stuck, and help you plan the next powerful step toward your goal.
  • Six months of UNLIMITED email and text contact with me five days a week for accountability, encouragement, and advice.
  • A 100-page workbook that details my process for creating ANY change you want to make. This is yours to keep and return to any time you run into trouble in the future. 
  • That’s it. And that’s all you need to get the RESULT that you crave. 

Not sure if 1:1 coaching is for you? Join my email list, check out my Resources page, and email me with any questions!

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